Saturday, March 21, 2009

When God Speaks, Are You Listening?

Tell me how you like to communicate, and I’ll guess how old you are.

If you rely on telephones, you’re probably reading this through bifocals.

If you prefer email and instant messages, you may be growing a wrinkle at this very moment because you’re in your 30s.

If you’re addicted to Facebook and/or texting, you’re under 25.
In fact, as soon as my daughter and her friend get in my car each day after school, they check their messages and begin texting. In a moment of revelation one day, I asked the friend, “Are you texting Kristin?” She grinned and nodded.
If I didn’t rank so low on their list, I might think they were secretly discussing me.
Kids aren’t the only ones texting friends in the same room; some parents occasionally text their kids when they’re at home.
While that might seem odd, think of texting as leaving a note in a lunch box, which I’ll bet you’ve done.
You can text your child a family joke, ask if he’s OK or send a caring message: “praying for you.”

Of course, texting can’t replace face-to-face communication, but you can make an appointment for a deeper discussion later. In the meantime, you’ve touched base with each other in a way teenagers enjoy.
Any activity or gizmo that dominates so much time in our lives is bound to have spiritual implications. Group Magazine offers great questions to ask your teen: “Does technology simplify or complicate your life? Do you like always being reachable? Why or not? How open are your communication lines with God?”

That last question hit home with me. I wondered how open my communication lines are with God. Am I just as accessible to God, or does he wait on the sidelines of my life for me to get back with him?

For instance, I’ve noticed that whether teens are engaged in birthday parties, movies or ball games, when they receive a message, they discreetly check it right away. They are always accessible.
Like them, I hope that when I sense a “God moment” I stop in my tracks to check in with prayer.
Because after all, God is not limited to influencing me through long periods Bible reading and prayer or sermons. He also gives me important warnings, encourages me to help others and inspires timely ideas for newspaper columns!

May we be as attentive to his voice as we are to our cell phones and email, and as quick to respond to God as Samuel was:
“The LORD came and stood there, calling as at the other times, ‘Samuel! Samuel!’ Then Samuel said, ‘Speak, for your servant is listening’” (1 Samuel 3:10).

When was the last time God got your attention in the middle of an impossibly busy moment?

Is your prayer life a balance of speaking and listening or mainly speaking?

John 10:12: “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”
Everyone loves a note in the lunch box--don’t miss God’s little messages to you throughout your day!


  1. Oh Yes there are times when I am listening to that Divine interruption and I am so glad I did. Then there are times when I find out later what God was trying to tell me BEFORE I finished my day so that there would be no kinks in my armor.

  2. I have to say that God got my attention this week. I no longer carry a cell phone and I love it. It is nice not being called all the time. I have to tell you this though.

    A few years ago our company went to a computerized evaluation system. It was designed to help those who don't work in the same building with their bosses. These evaluations get passed back and forth faster than the common cold. Anyway my boss was right across the hall so I would send it via computer and then holler out "commin at ya".

  3. Hi Linda, I popped over here from your other site, and I'm glad I did. I don't have time for a real visit tonight, but I'm looking forward to reading more of your postings when I'm more leisurely!


  4. I totally love the layout here. The colors are awesome & I love the cutie coffee pot & cup. AND I love your smiling mug. (PUN!) :-)

  5. Love your new look. One more way we "leave a little love" is the comment section of blogs. I like the analogy of checking in with God and always accessible to His presence to our new communication modes. It's a fine day when we see Him in the details.

  6. lately I have been learning how to embrace life disappointments so I have turn off my computer and have learn to embrace God more and stop and really hear what he has to say to me. And I am really loving my time with him its hard to admit it but blogging does take away lot of my time and right now I need too seek God more lately try and be a better living epistle .
    and stop and looking at myslf and trying too set myself apart form the world a bit.
    ok I got off the subject and got carry away but I do think texting, facebook ect... can take us away somewhat for hearing the Lord. ") marina

  7. oops meant to subscribe and hit the wrong button I really like these knew blog so glad I link on it, give us a chance to really
    talk about what the Lord is doing in our lives.

    by the way I got a message for Kay Arthur I ask her when she is coming too SA,TX and she said fine me a church and I well go and love too meet you ") marina


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